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Awake is a team of computer security experts in web and mobile security, digital forensics and privacy-enhancing technologies.

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The Services

Industrial Control Systems and IoT security

The industrial transformation and decentralization raises new threats to Critical Infrastructure and freshly interconnected domains. We hold a niche expertise in security testing, vulnerability research, non-intrusive software and hardware protection of embedded systems and industrial sites.

Penetration testing

It is essential to conduct regular security tests of your web, mobile and embedded applications, data storages and corporate networks to reveal security weaknesses and risks. Penetration testing simulates a real-world targeted attack but provides an opportunity to analyse its consequences in a safe and controlled manner.

Research & Development

Technology stacks and platforms often require accompanying research and evaluation. For complex security systems there is often a need to develop custom software and hardware components. We are open for a long-term collaboration on this.

We protect

Our valued customers directly and through vulnerability disclosure programs
IoT device and backend infrastructure security audit Web application pentesting Website pen testing Website penetration testing Financial application penetration testing IoT device and backend infrastructure security audit

Our Principles

  • No bullshit policy: We are honest about our work and keep the communication meaningful.
  • "Paper security" rule: Papers alone don`t protect systems. We follow latest industry standards to provide you with solid supporting documentation. However, the primary goal of security testing is to reveal real-world vulnerabilities.
  • State of the art: We participate in leading security competitions worldwide, are active in bug hunting and personal research projects.
  • Everybody makes mistakes: We will admit ours and fix them.

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